How to support us

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How to support us

Help building a future- (take over) sponsorship/godparenthood

“ Many little people,in many little places,taking many little steps, can
change the face of the world."

Simply download the sponsorship form and send it to Felix Härter, Nunzenbergweg 24, 88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee. All the necessary information and general conditions are to be found on the form.

Single donation

You can support the children’s home Villa Kunterbunt with a single donation. Just transfer the donation to the following bank account or use the PayPal services. Simply click on the PayPal  Button. Please don’t forget to write your address into the reference field. Only then we will be able to send you a donation receipt. Thank you for your support!

ProViKuBu e.V.

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