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Kristina Metzler and Felix Härter, the founders of the project, have always had a strong interest in the world’s cultural diversity. Which led them to spend a term abroad in the South of Brasil while teaching at different German schools. But it was not until 2011 they visited the Island Nias and met Joli Dachi. Joli lives together with his wife and his two children close by Teluk Dalam, the capital city of South Nias. His wife works as a teacher and has a degree in sustainable nutrition. Joli owns a small property in the village of Hilimaenamölö  and has always dreamed about building a children’s home, which provides children and teenagers access to an education and the promise of a better life.

For his dream to come true, Kristina and Felix founded a non-profit organisation back in Germany.
In 2011, thanks to the help and dedication of Svenja Linge, Simon Bruckmann and Michaela Gut they collected enough money to finance the building of the children’s home Villa Kunterbunt .
Meanwhile the building of the children’s home is completed and the first children are able to live in their new home and attend school....another new beginning of a wonderful thing/story. Thank you!

Thanks to the engagement of all donors who support the dream of Joli and Juli Dachi, children in need have a safe home and a promising future in Nias.