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Category: English


Category: English

What does the organisation provide?

We put you in contact with our local contact person and offer free accommodation directly next to the Villa. There are no further costs for the arrangements.

Which requirements have to be met?

You have to be at least 21 years of age. Obviously you should be child-friendly and opened-minded as well as adaptable towards different cultures and their way of life.
In order for us to receive an impression of the person, please send us a letter of motivation and a short CV:

What will this cost me?

You only have to pay the flight and a daily fee for the meals at the Villa (about 4 Euro,depending on the current rate).

Furthermore you can rent a scooter from the children’s home. The loan charge is 1.500.000 Rp. for 4 weeks.

What do you have to arrange?

You have to take care of an insurance coverage and if necessary a Visa (intended stay at least 8 weeks)

What kind of support will I be contributing at the Villa Kunterbunt?

Very important and useful for the children are English lessons. For that reason we have collected helpful school material from former volunteers, which gladly can be extended by your own contribution.
Aside from that you can help with the repair work, gardening and of course support our child care. The most important. Most important is to help where help is needed. That’s why it would be best for you to contact our local contact person and ask him about current functions.

What does the project Villa Kunterbunt expect from you?

You should be self- determined and show self-initiative throughout your stay. Besides, the will to cooperate and support our contact person Joli Dachi is of great importance.